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Decoding your wellness through genetic testing

Genetic makeup is the core foundation of individuality. If it is not maintained, you are inhibiting your body’s ability to become your optimal version of yourself. Our goal is to promote widespread health and wellness by highlighting your body’s uniqueness.


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& Optimize Your Bodily Efficiency

Our tests provide clear and actionable results, highlighting certain deficiencies and sensitivities, in order to enhance your day-to-day dietary and fitness decisions.

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Our Advanced Technology

BioLev genetic testing uses microarray technology. This means that we only read a small subset of your DNA. However, the choice of what to read is based on cutting edge research that reads the entire genomes of hundreds of thousands of people with extensive health and lifestyle records, in addition to over a decade of genome-wide association studies. Our products bring the latest peer-reviewed results that matter to you and explain how it can inform your lifestyle decisions.

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Advanced studies have made it exponentially quicker and easier to test for genetic makeup and bodily deficiencies. Our test is as simple as a quick cheek swab. Our geneticists sequence the DNA, looking for specific changes, or variants, in chromosomes, in order to highlight certain deficiencies that affect the gene’s expression.

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